A Tour of an Awesome Jungle Resort in Vietnam


A tour of the Nguyen Shack bamboo bungalows near Ninh Binh, Vietnam. They have various hotels in different places around Vietnam. Visit their website for more info:
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A Tour of an Awesome Jungle Resort in Vietnam

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  1. The bungalows I showed in the video are called Nguyen Shack. I recommend reserving it online using this website: https://www.booking.com/index.html?aid=1724899 Or you can use that site to search for other hotel rooms, apartments, hostels, etc.

  2. "Bungalow is waterproof". That is a hilarious comment for that 50 dollar lodging per night. It would be an awesome experience to stay in the resort that is right in the middle of nowhere. Not sure if I would have a good sleep through that night there but I would love to get up early in order to watch the sunrise in the morning. It got to be a beautiful view there.

  3. Those huts look nice, but I would still be concerned about all the possible tropical bugs and creatures that could find their way inside of them at anytime, especially while one sleeps.

  4. Nice.
    Mr Gab please come to lndonesia again and l recommend to visit central of java. That's awsome for an adventure in the nature.😂

  5. Hi Gabriel, Great videos, i enjoy them greatly. Can you tell me which editing Software you are using? I might try to follow your footsteps and start to record my own travel experiences. Also, while you are filming and talking how do people react? I bet it is quite a sight sometimes:-)

  6. WOW! Do the mosquitoes bite during the day. I would think so with that water surrounding the area. Do you use deet? Absolutely breathtaking.

  7. Pretty neat. What is the attitude on pot in Vietnam? Seems like it would be amazing to just chill out as the Sun goes down.

  8. Nice video and great channel! 😎🎥 Really love the way you edit your shots!

    Subscribed ✅ Always welcome on our channel, we have a new video coming up tonight!

    Keep it up, cheers ✌️

  9. Great video, you should check out Catbaa island the boat ride from Hanoi is cheap so is accommodation, its a lovely side of halong bay.:)

  10. I am a little bit confuse,in your earlier video about Vietnam,most comments are about your new hair style and your new girl friend,I think your video is about travelling ,so why they comment about you?just curious 🤣🤣🤣(sometimes I am bored watch your video,that is why I read all comments below😊)

  11. Lovely endless Summer bungalow hut resort. I would guess only about $12 per night? I rented one of these near Chiang Mai where instead of hammocks, you got to cast rod and reel to catch big catfish. Others were on the beach or at the edge of a jungle. This one is super nice. Enjoy the rest of your super early Summer trip.


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