Elon Musk: I am not Buffett's biggest fan


Elon Musk spoke with Joe Rogan and here some of the highlights from the two-hour podcast.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that fewer people should start careers in finance and law and instead focus on innovation.

“In the United States especially, there’s an over allocation of talent in finance and law. Basically too many smart people go into finance and law,” Musk said in an interview with the comedian Joe Rogan that aired Thursday.

When asked by Rogan if being a billionaire makes people see him in a different light, Musk said yes.

“In recent years, billionaire has become a pejorative, like that’s become a bad thing, which I don’t think makes a lot of sense in most cases,” Musk said.

But he distinguished people who became rich by founding a company that builds things, versus those who earned their wealth through financial engineering or other means. “If you organize people in a better way, to produce products and services that are better than what existed before and you have some ownership in that company, that essentially gives you the right to allocate more capital.”

“So this is both a compliment and a criticism,” Musk added. “We should have fewer people doing law and fewer people doing finance and more people making stuff.”

Musk said that manufacturing shifted from being a highly valued job to one that’s “looked down upon,” though the value is there.

“Making a car is an honest day’s living, that’s for sure,” Musk said.

The CEO also addressed his recent vow on Twitter to sell the majority of his physical possessions, which he said weigh him down.

“I have a bunch of houses, but I don’t spend a lot of time in most of them. That doesn’t seem like a good use of assets. Somebody could probably be enjoying those houses and get better use of them than me.”

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  1. Sir, Elon Musk is an upfront guy , an engineer, a problem solver, a visionary and can get to execute his plans. What is your point or a problem with him?

    If he doesn't like Warren buffet what is your problem? Is that even a news item?

    There are people who keep their opinions to themselves and there are some that are outspoken. Why is that discussed on a TV channel?

    Are you running out of creativity, news items?

    Also, Warren buffet has pretty good analytical skills when it comes to capitalism, economics. He also doesn't know how to analyze a situation like a "shelter in place". He himself said he does not know what will happen in a day or week or months or years. Do you atleast see he is up front with sharing his thoughts? Have you seen his interview?

    Stop wasting your energy and airtime on these unwanted conversations.

    Come up with ways to solve a problem. May be that will help people.

  2. That part of the podcast went for at least 10 minutes. That isn’t the complete reasoning for his thoughts.

  3. It’s amazing that mainstream media is covering a podcast in their breaking news. Can not wait for this wasteful damaging medium dies. Thank you YouTube and podcasts for breaking garbage mainstream biased journalism and actually allow conversations.

  4. Elon talks about Artificial neural networks, symbiotic relationships with AI, conveying ideas as they are with little to no room for interpretation (communicating non-verbally), and his secondary comments on Buffett (I certainly like his character and personality, but his job really is BORING) makes the CNBC headline. His perception of too many people going into finance and law is very accurate. Elon Musk is the founder of SpaceX, Tesla, Paypal and many other companies that operate on this Planet EARTH and he’s not a show-runner of Black mirror or Westworld. THIS IS REAL. I was actually scared after listening to the podcast. It is scary. It is hard to comprehend.
    In the words of Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:
    “That which Voldemort does not value, he takes no trouble to comprehend”. This is the reason why Voldemort was defeated by a 17 y/o kid.
    Learn to not take these things for granted because it does concern you (even if you don’t think it does) before it’s too late and the thing you do not value turns against you.

  5. His main point about shelter in place happens at about the 1 hour and 21 minute mark where he says "Now let me just break it to you, the fools out there. If you don’t make stuff, there's no stuff." The point being that if people don't make or transport food, then there is no food. Imagine the LA riots, but not confined to one city…. It could be bad.

  6. How can you be allowed to report on something you didn't even watch. The guy very obviously didn't watch it as he didn't know some of the rhetoric shared between Joe and Elon.
    You should lose your job for this sort of reporting.

  7. Musk has attained so much capital from stock markets. He has no shame. The problem Elon has is that buffet has not invested in Tesla. Yet.

  8. Videos like these are why you guys are making videos about joe rogans podcast in the first place. Dinosaurs still looking for headlines and a way too cause drama in the age of the internet, you guys are down and outs .

  9. Well ya… I want to go to Mars and see if there’s any water there and get a cup of it and bring it back oh and drop one of my electric cars off. What? There’s 40 million Americans who didn’t eat today? so well I am also building Cellular satellites so I can put the phone company’s out of business also.

  10. They also explained how to say his son's name, I am not saying is important, but in the above video they lied saying that it was it explained

  11. Haha 😂
    Warren Buffett's job is not as boring as that of elon's job 😼
    And tbh
    Warren is smarter than elon it's a fact 🙂

  12. Elon mentioned how to pronounce his babies name in first two minutes of that interview, that tells me how much to listen to CNBC when it comes to investment.

  13. This shows perfectly how ridiculous-feeling and performative mainstream news outlets have become, these people obviously did not watch the podcast and are using him as a character in their world of media narrative.

  14. This is because of a comment buffet made during his latest meeting about someone perhaps drinking and smoking too much pot.

  15. elon is a billionaire trying to make a change in the world rather just being a billionaire don't impact society in a positive way!!! there is huge a difference

  16. There are different ways to amass wealth, you have people like WB who invest and gamble their way to riches.. amassing a giant hedgefund that honors their long term success and achievements over the years, and then you have people like musk, who are true innovators of technology that improve and transcend the well being of life, helping solve life's most hard pressed questions. In short, the difference is simply a rich dude vs a creator.

  17. Elon answered when asked about his child's name. If they had actually watched the podcast, they would've heard it directly from Elon.

  18. No he’s against shelter in place because not only is he a genius which you don’t need to be to understand how terrible hiding and sheltering in place is for your immune system. The people who will have to come out this fall after sheltering in place for months are going to be hit hard because they will have depleted the capabilities of their immune system. The same reason many elementary schools and kindergarten classes took hand sanitizer away from the classroom because kids were getting sick easier using sanitizer all the time.


  20. I believe a quote cited from the movie The Big Short, by Brad Pitt's character: "40,000 people die for every 1% increase in unemployment.".

    So how much would 33,000,000 equal? We went from 3.5% in February to 14.7% in April.

  21. Another dushbag we have to put up with in our country because he has the banksters on his side…

  22. I'm agree with him people are all ready starving and out of money… pneumonia has killed more people than this virus


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