GOT7 "NOT BY THE MOON" Dance Practice


GOT7 “NOT BY THE MOON” Dance Practice

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  1. GOT7 is the first K-Pop Group to chart on Billboard Artist 100 Chart and Psy was the first K-Pop Idol. GOT7 is the first K-Pop Group to reached 1 Billion+ Hearts on VLIVE App. GOT7 is the first K-Pop Artists to have a 4-City Tour in Thailand, they're actually the Most Famous K-Pop Artists in Thailand, there's no argument about that. GOT7 was always on Japan's Chart. It was also said that GOT7 is the Most Popular K-Pop Star in Brazil. GOT7 is the K-Pop Artists that was chosen by Chinese Netizens along with T-Ara as the Most Famous Artists in China. All of their concert ticket were sold out within a short period of time. GOT7 is the first K-Pop Group to be featured their photos on Shinsegae Duty Free Wall and that's historic according to Shinsegae's staffs, they even said that many fans internationally chose GOT7 as Shinsegae's next models. GOT7 is the second K-Pop Group to won an award in MTV European Music Awards after BIGBANG. Jackson was the first K-Pop Idol to have ads on India, Jackson Wang is the first Chinese Artist to reached 5M+ views for an MV 'Dawn Of Us' on VEVO within a short period of time. GOT7 is well-known GLOBALLY: Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Brazil, Indonesia, China, Japan etc. Doni once said in 'Weekly Idol' that GOT7 is really famous on East Coast, he even said that if BTS controls the West Coast, GOT7 is controlling the East Coast. GOT7 was chosen by Thailand teenagers as their rolemodels. JB being called by Vietnamese as Vietnam's Son-In-Law. Jackson being famous in China and Bambam being called as Prince of Thailand which apparently became King Of Thailand. If you want some proofs why they're branded as Worldwide Kings. Here it is, GOT7 spokes different languages and they usually give their speeches with these languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean language, Japanese' language, English, Thai language etc. and they also have members with different nationality. Mark was born Taiwanese/American, Jackson is Chinese, Bambam is Thai and Yugyeom was conceived in Saudia Arabia. GOT7 is also well-known for their talents, if you ever doubt that then you must open your eyes for our rapper turned vocal slash actor Park Jinyoung, our meme and talented leader slash composer, producer, songwriter, photographer, B-boy King Lim Jaebeom, our rich and flying member of GOT7, his specialty is Martial Arts Tricking Mark Tuan, our rapper and also a great vocal, King, a former Olympian, great at doing back flips, a Fencing Champion Jackson Wang, our Prince Of Thailand, model, dabber, rapper, rich and also a great dancer and vocal BamBam, our great and powerful vocal, a guy who can fit the whole slice of pizza in his mouth, the innocent sunshine Choi Youngjae, our vocal and ever great dancing machine, maknae Kim Yugyeom. GOT7 is well-known for having rappers being vocals or vice versa, they have members who can do Martial Arts Tricking, B-Boying and back flips. Boy, they even wrote and composed their own songs and choreograph some of them. iGOT7s are not powerful? Well, Ahgases/iGOT7s won on Soompi's Twitter Best Fandom Award for 3 consecutive times, Thai Ahgases broke a record already for making 1942 Aircrafts, if this ain't powerful fandom ehh. GOT7 was one of the Boy Groups that will receive a Platinum Album Certification by GAON. GOT7 is the third K-Pop Group to reached 200M views for an MV on YouTube. GOT7 doesn't have many awards? Let's talk about that after you see all of these????
    -Best New Artist (2014 SBS MTV Best Of The Best)
    -Best Rookie Group (2014 SBS Pop Asia Awards)
    -Best New Artist (2015 Golden Disk Award)
    -China Goodwill Star Award (2015 Golden Disk Award)
    -Rookie Award (2015 Seoul Music Award)
    -Chinese Netizen Popularity Award (2015 SBS Awards Festival)
    -Popular Asian Artist Of The Year (2015 SEED Awards)
    -Asia Style Best Style Group (2015 Fashion Power Awards)
    -Best Korean Newcomer (YinYue V-Chart Awards)
    -New Asian Group Award (2015 Youku Night Awards)
    -Most Promising Newcomer Award (Overseas Category of 2015 Top Chinese Music Festival)
    -Best Worldwide Act (2015 MTV Europe Music Awards)
    – 2nd group to won an award after BIGBANG??
    -iQiYi Worldwide Favourite Artist (2016 Mnet Asia Music Awards [MAMA])
    – 2nd group to won this award after BIGBANG??
    -Best K-Pop Act In A Drama (2016 Drama Fever Awards)
    -Best Performance By A Boy Group (2016 Simply K-Pop Awards)
    -Best Male Group (2016 SBS Pop Asia Music Awards)
    -Random Play Dance King (2016 ATK Awards)
    -Best Album For Flight Log: Departure (2016 Album Awards) -Best K-Pop Concert In Thailand For Fly In Bangkok (2016 Hallyu K Fans' Choice Awards)
    -Best Boy Group (2016 Hallyu K Fans' Choice Awards)
    -Bonsang Award (2017 Seoul Music Awards)
    -Disc Bonsang (2017 Golden Disk Awards)
    -Global Artist Top 10 (2017 Global VLIVE Award)
    -Best Of Best Hot Star (2017 SBS The Show)
    -Disk Bonsang for 1st Quarter Flight Log: Turbulence (2017 Gaon Chart Music Awards)
    -Album Of The Year for 1st Quarter Flight Log: Departure (2017 Gaon Chart Music Awards)
    -Hot Performance Of The Year (2018 Seoul Music Awards)
    -Disc Bonsang (2018 Seoul Music Awards)
    -Top Music Chart Of April (2018 MWave Music Chart)
    -Male Group (2018 Annual Soompi Awards)
    -K-Pop Artist Of The Year (2018 JOOX Thailand Music Awards)
    -Latin America Popularity Awards) (2018 Annual Soompi Awards)
    -Best Twitter Fandom For IGOT7s Which Won For 3 Consecutive Years (2018 Annual Soompi Awards)
    -Best Worldwide Influencer (2017 VLIVE Year End Party)
    -World Hallyu Star (2018 Golden Disc Awards)
    -Bonsang Awards (2018 Golden Disc Awards)
    -Hot Performance (2018 Gaon Chart Music Awards)
    -World K-Pop Star (2018 Gaon Chart Music Awards
    -Best K-Pop Music Of The Year for 'Never Ever' (2018 Top Music Universe Awards)
    -Best K-Pop Male Group (2018 Top Music Universe Awards)
    -Best Fans For IGOT7s (2018 Top Music Universe Awards)
    -Platinum Album Certification For 'Eyes On You' (2018 Gaon)
    -First ever Daesang award “Performance of the Year''

    Individual awards still weren't included and that list is not yet completed Is this what you really called Flop Group? And if you think there's something wrong with what I've shown, feel free to correct me. Anyways, I love to stan Flop Groups ehh???

    Credits go to yababyabby

  2. as a whole, got7's dancing is really awesome!!! but looking at each member's moves and facial expressions makes it better!!! STAN THE RIGHT MEN


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