How to Open a .TS File : How to Open Various Files


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TS files are a type of video transport stream file or a Nokia translation file. Find out how to open a TS file with help from a software engineer in this free video clip.

Expert: Mathew Pierce
Bio: Mathew Pierce is a software engineer with broad and extensive experience developing embedded system firmware and providing global engineering software, tool and process support.
Filmmaker: Paula Pierce

Series Description: The extension of a file commonly relates to the program required to open that particular file on your computer. Find out how to open various file types with help from a software engineer in this free video series.


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  1. but the .ts format is lagging that s my problem.the mp4 format seems to be fine in 1080p but ".ts 720p" files is too much whats that about?

  2. It didn't work for me. The file appeared to be an empty recording when I tried to play it. But on the TV (where i recorded it) it's playing just fine.

  3. Hello. I need help as soon as possible. So one client of mine said "please send me a TS and then he put his email bellow) What does that mean?

  4. It's not work, after I record programmes it will store in .Ts format and it also have .dvr file it doesn't allow to convert or play the file

  5. I changed the extension from .ts to .mp4 — No software. It even worked with ".mkv" I played it with MPC

  6. I just re-downloaded VLC but the 64 bit version and now I cannot play the .TS files I used to play. Should it matter if I now have the 64 bit version?

  7. No one cares about extensions. Simply put a * into file input and hit ENter or use drag and drop. More import: VLC does not play all .ts files. E.g. it plays no "BDAV" (Blue ray) content here, that my TV recorded. Did not find a solution yet.

  8. i tried. it opened. but i only hear voices, and there is no image/video content. what to do next?

  9. After watching this video I tried playing a TS file using VLC media player and it played the file seamlessly.


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